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I feel like all the negative comments about being black living in Phoenix area are more related to people who are actively looking for relationships. I would like to hear from people who are married or in relationships already what there feelings are on the area.

In fact as a black man I have tried to avoid getting into altercations and fist fights and it always happens to be with other black males who happen to stare you down or something.

I like the low crime and low cost of living there. I just got an apartment in chandler and have no complaints. I think this gentleman has a point.

White people think were cool and admire us. My goal in life is not to be validated by them. We serious?! If so, we are a sad people. Stay where you are if at all possible. Tell your friends as well. Anne, I am a black female considering moving to Phoenix from Denver. These comments are pushing me to seriously reconsider.

I am reading these comments also and I am shocked ?? as a black female professional single woman. Are these comments outdated?

Can someone provide some clarity on the current times and experience in the valley. Cost of living is reasonable, jobs are plentiful. And yes, you can date! Kelly I was a transplant.

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Spot on! I moved,but,good luck to you! Hello, I moved to Phoenix AZ 22 years ago and love it here, even in the blazing hot summers. I am white but have black girlfriends. The city has changed a lot since I moved here in the 90s.

There are not really any black neighborhoods, people live where they want, one of the things I like about Phx, neighborhoods are diverse. There probably neighborhoods that have people who live there who are not accepting of diversity like all cities, but hopefully that is less here in Phx because they do not have neighborhoods like cities in the midwest or east.

I grew up in Chicago. However if you date outside of your race that is a different story. Her other daughter is dating a Black gentleman who is college educated. Both daughters are young, between and went to ASU which has a diverse population. My daughter who is in her late 20s and went to K school and college here grew up with a diverse group of friends, so dating interracially is just part of who they are as a younger generation.

If you are moving to smaller towns your choices become quite limited. I am an educational administrator. I have a Black tear in her 30s who dates a White gentleman. She has spoken about the difficulty of meeting educated black men in Phx. She started dating outside of her race when she moved here five years ago from D. You have to pick your neighborhoods to live in just like any big city.

We do not have the best public school system, but some are excellent. ck out all the districts online before moving into a home if you have children.

Look at their websites and state report card grades. Phoenix does have a large compliment of very good charter schools and private schools. Again ck them out first, there are good and bad in all school systems. Brothers here run from black women like the plague sadly so the dating pool is less than shallow. What Arizona is great for, especially downtown phx, Scottsdale, chandler, north phoenix, Goodyear, etc, is the shopping scene and plenty of places to eat great food.

Our Mexican food choices are amazing if you enjoy Mexican food but truly phoenix is one of the fastest growing cities and so is our food selections which is a plus!! I live in the Laveen area which certainly has its mix of ratts as well as middle class men and even farmers!!

Houses are inexpensive and the loop expansive one of the biggest freeways that loops around the major metropolitan areas of Arizona is coming soon so the housing market here is really booming and ap for now. Also more businesses are coming to Laveen rumor has it. Good luck for those moving here from places that are mostly black.

Nor will you find much unity within the black commmunith. I moved to Southern Phoenix in I had never been anywhere near the desert until I moved here. The accessibility of things in the form of entertainment there are to do and how close AZ is to bordering states like CA and NV. I would tell you no way! In spite of the negativity. There are times when a person is made to know they are not welcome and they should not stayAnd there are times when a person has rights to be and do and they should stand on those rights!

For my people who are asking if AZ would be a place to relocate to? Sometimes when certain people have monopolies in businesses that we all need, like auto repair, house issues, clothes etcwill treat you in ways that say out loud. I think we our people all basically good to each other out here.

Do your diligent homework before you move out to AZ, because the small population of us may not be enough for you, to give you what you want and need. Do I regret moving to AZ? No way!

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It would certainly be an honor! One of the biggest reasons we moved here is one that you mentioned. And if you are in technology, the job market is fantastic.

Is the new black dating in central city arizona

I live in a community with a lot of Blacks and Hispanics as well as mixed race couples. There are a lot of homeschooling groups here so that your kids can socialize. Homeschooling, not just for White people anymore ??.

Which city are you in? My husband and I are looking to move to the Phoenix area in a year, when our youngest graduates from high school. Like you, we look forward to being close to Cali. Hi Stephanie! I can help you find the right place for you and your fam if you need any recommendations, hit me up! I read your thoughtful response and I would very much appreciate your input.

I read a poll that said Sedona has the least African American populatio. In the state. I tell myself. Your thou th ou thoughts? You will feel like a fish out of water and you will not find a mate in Sedona or the state of Arizona Sorry. Stay out East. We are not nearly as populated as Phoenix with millions of People but we ARE the second biggest city in the state, even bigger than Mesa, which is a large suburb of PHX. Plus we have a major nationally recognized University which happens to be the U of A.

For those that left or r tryin Did it cost a lot to move? I want to leave by Dec. Ideas for companies? Is December good or Should I just sell my things?

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I really like my things though ?? maaan. Maybe connect with a group of them and split the cost of a truck or those container things? It depends on where you trying to move. It can be expensive tho.

I won the green card and wanted to know that with a job in Phoenix, is it easy to find a job?

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Kat Hello everyone I moved here in November I first liked the view, ?? Palm trees and mountains. Once the view was no longer interesting, I was ready to go. I will not be dating here, just getting ready to move in December.

A year is about all I can take of AZ. Congratulations Vadim! What is your native language?

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I am so sad to see that many of you are not fans of Phoenix, but you are all entitled to your opinions. I am a brown woman of Egyptian descent who was born and raised in Arizona.

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Anyhow, I moved to London for one year and realized how important mountains, the sun, and family were to my wellbeing. If I moved to a place without Coptic people my communityI think it would also be tough.

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I have an African American friend who is also leaving because she hates it here. Strangely, I do not hear similar complaints from most of my African and Caribbean friends I am sure there are Africans and Caribbean blacks in Arizona who do not like it here either.

What would make Phoenix feel like a safer and more enjoyable place to live for African Americans? I believe the communities we live in are what we make it; if there is something I can do to change the culture here, I will try my hardest to fulfill that ni!

Black neighborhoods throughout the U. This land belonged to Mexico years ago, and it is noticeable in the population. Nonetheless, it seems like the culture in Phoenix is not welcoming or enjoyable for African Americans. I have even been looking for black, female owned, local businesses to support and have had trouble finding any if any of you have leads for boutiques, restaurants, etc.

As a member of this community, I would like to know what I could do to make the African American community grow and thrive in Phoenix so that African Americans can feel love and joy while staying here. Any ideas are appreciated! Currently, I live in North Scottsdale. If you have money, there is an international school that I think is k-8 that teas courses entirely in Spanish or French. The public school system here sucks but I was educated here and am becoming a psychologistsoooooo you do what you can with what you got.

The more democrats we get here, the more funding we will get toward public services too we need more blue voters! If you want to create a safe community here for your family and fellow African Americans, you can do it! Cool article and all but what evidence do you have that makes you think when you put all blacks in a community they help each other. More like kill each other.

Free Gay Dating. Gay Online Dating By Location View profiles from all over the world or look for a specific location. AllMale brings men from all over together in new ways. Browse local guys below or select a region you wish to view. Register for free, share as much or as little as you'd like and become part of a quickly growing online community.   I'd say avoid Arizona if you are a single black female looking for a mate. Brothers here run from black women like the plague sadly so the dating pool is less than shallow. What Arizona is great for, especially downtown phx, Scottsdale, chandler, north phoenix, Goodyear, etc, is the shopping scene and plenty of places to eat great food. Start a new group Log in. Sign up. Find a group Arizona Social Events For Singles 25 to 40 Central Phoenix Writing Workshop 5, Writers Mesa R U Prepared. Mesa R U Prepared.

I stay out of trouble. Hey everyone! I have lived in Los Angeles all of my 43 years and I am ready for a change!

Is anyone familiar with it? I know there is racism everywhere, but the particular brand of racism that has become too prevalent in LA for far too long has begun to disturb my peace of mind. Any advice would be lovely. Love to you all! I grew up in the area and my parents still live there. I had a great life in that zip code but my experience may not be the same as other Black people.

The diversity in that area is low. You should be able to find nice, affordable single-family homes in the zip code. Thank you so much for your reply. Are you familiar with Coral Gables Estates? The house that I have my eye on is there. Wonderful, high-end neighborhood tucked away on the foothills of Moon Mountain. My family drives through the neighborhood every Christmas because many of the homes have elaborate light displays. I am concerned about diversity though. Thanks in advance!

Hi, my family is relocating to Phoenix from Chicago due to job. As an educator, any feedback on school districts that tears hate working for?

Hi you guys! I have 3 kids ages so school is probably my number one concern. I would like to live in a diverse community.

My husband and I are budgeting about K for a home. I will be looking to open up my own gym and possibly retail store in AZ. So a place that needs those types of businesses would be great! Please let me know your thoughts and thank you!!!

Phoenix has no culture and the schools are trash. Good luck. Jealousy and Envy is redundant, but you white people wear it really well. Yes I said Jealousy, because you are.

Jealous and timid, cowards with no cultureso how bout you be nice now you here Gal! You may not be jealous, but your race as a whole is amazingly envious of the energy that radiates within us, lets face it, you would be telling tells if you said no, or thought what I was saying was ignorant words of racism, but that is what truth sounds like!

The truth sounds like racism, hate, ignorant remarks, not being intelligent etc. However, over the last two decades this has improved. It is true that the black population here is still comparatively small, but the neighborhood is now very diverse, with Asians, Latinos, Middle Easterners, and various immigrants from all over the world.

Schools have a healthy multi-racial multi-cultural population, more and more homes are available for rent and mortgage, and there are lots of relatively affordable apartments. It is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with great schools and minimal crime. That said, a lot of people here do commute to other areas for work.


ASU west is right down the road for young singles, there is some night life with a lot of restaurants if not a lot of clubs. The college is a hub of art and culture that the surrounding community has access to.

Not far away also is Glendale Community College for families with teens soon to ve graduating highschool looking to start their education more affordably, like I did. GCC is a very diverse campus. I have no doubt that black families could thrive here while also enriching the community significantly. Most people go to different churs 30 to 45 mins away and there are churs across the street. I visited Chandler stayed in Chandler ,Gilbert,Scottsdale, and Peoria in August ofwe are coming again in August of to see Phoenix, TempeMesa and any other place just to get a second feel and see what the city life is like.

I did search for black businesses the first time and visited a few barbershops, hair salons,and a restaurant.

Arizona is divided into 15 counties and contains 91 incorporated cities and towns. Incorporated places in Arizona are those that have been granted home rule, possessing a local government in the form of a city or town council. These cities and towns cover only of . Arizona adds new COVID cases, 5 new known deaths. DPS: Man fatally struck on U.S. 60 after fleeing crash scene. Phoenix D7 Council candidates give affordable housing ideas. Further, all members of this dating site MUST be 18 years or older. M4M Hookups is part of the dating network, which includes many other general and gay dating sites. As a member of M4M Hookups, your profile will automatically be shown on related gay dating sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge.

So, my son is in attending ASU. I am a retired single mom and looking for a winter place for months Jan-March? Are there neighborhoods that are a definite no for a single, African-American female.

I am coming from a diverse housing neighborhood and town. My name is Patrick Davis. I am an African American realtor who has lived in Arizona for over 15 years. I would love to discuss some of the ideal areas to live and areas for investment property opportunities. Feel free to shoot me a call or email.

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Please read our advice below to help you find the city or town that best fits your needs. Here we go Laveen - I would move there for the affordability, the proximity to downtown Phoenix and the potential. Previous Event. Next Event. Related Events 0. Posted On 05 Oct Posted On 30 Sep Posted On 27 Sep Lynette Robinson March 27, at am Reply. Thank you. Kita April 10, at pm Reply. Hi Lynette The school system is terrible. Shida June 25, at am Reply. Kyara March 13, at pm Reply. Hi Shida!

Gregorio April 29, at pm Reply. Aman October 19, at am Reply.

  Try our experts' top picks of the best online dating sites for black singles! Black Dating Sites Don't let growing older stop you from making new friends and exploring your wild side! Tortilla Flats Offers Unique Dating Activities in Arizona. Posted: 10/5/ JWed Helps Singles Find Marriage-Minded Partners. Posted.   Arizona reported 1, new COVID cases and 42 new known deaths on Friday, with a high number of new cases in part because of the inclusion of Author: Alison Steinbach. Directory and Interactive Maps of Nudist Colonies, Nudist Resorts, and Nudist Clubs across the Nation including address, hours, phone numbers, and website.

K November 10, at am Reply. Esther Poole May 17, at pm Reply. Qui July 30, at pm Reply. Gyption March 1, at pm Reply. Sam April 17, at pm Reply. Hi Qui, Fast forward to and your post is one of the very few i can refer to online. Lady Dee June 1, at pm Reply. Tremaine Jr June 4, at am Reply. Kenny March 24, at am Reply.

Tremaine Jr March 26, at pm. Angela June 25, at pm Reply. Hi Shida, As a single Black female, if the west really appeals to you, I would definitely cross Phoenix off the list and consider Texas. T December 31, at pm Reply. Ashley Williams July 3, at pm Reply. Toni Coley September 13, at am Reply.

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